CeDros Beach, Trinidad and Tobago



Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Misa M-I-S-A.  I am the founder of Hair by Misa.  It is the ultimate hair experience educating you on the correlation of hair and health through a personal appointment in the comfort of your desired location.  Hair by Misa is more than a hair appointment.   it is a one on one experience with the client requesting a particular service, but a time of stillness, laughter, openness to whatever they feel the need to release. I’ve been told I have growing hands and after doing hair for the last 11 years I believe the title has been rightfully earned.  If your hair isn’t growing with me then I am not doing something right, and please feel free to tell me. My clients are pretty brutally honest anyway hehe. But enough of all this let’s talk about some parts of what makes me who I am and the connection to wellness.


I was once asked by one of my trichology educators “What provides you the ability to be able to show up for the world every day” This question caught me off guard, but immediately I thought of the things that enlighten me and bring me peace.  These things include travel, listening to music, writing, exercising and family gatherings.


I love to travel as sometimes I need a recharge from all the energies I constantly consume as a servant to this world.  I know a huge part of my existence is to serve others but of course, that comes with a heavy load.  I guess that’s why they say, “If you are a giver please learn your limits because the takers don’t have any” I am a giver and mainly a huge giver of “time”.  As an entrepreneur, my time means everything to me because it is something I can’t get back.  So, when I give it to you that means I truly care, and I hope you appreciate it.  Quality time is also a primary love language for me.  If that is something that is important to you then you can understand my sentiments.


Since early childhood, I’ve been singing I use to sing when I wanted my bottle “Misa wants her BA  BA Misa wants her BABA” I was known as the singing baby.  I found fulfillment in writing music, poetry, and singing in plays and concerts.  It was truly my life at one point, which led me to take lessons at Eastman School of Music and auditioning for the School of the Arts High School in Rochester, NY.


I’d write my own music and sing them at my Mother’s shows and opened up for artists such as Spragga Benz and 3LW at the time.  It was then I would sing and dance with a dance group called ATM (Amber, Tatja, Misa).  Dancing has always been one of my favorite things to do as a kid too.  I never thought that my love for writing my thoughts down would lead me to publish my very first book called “Love’s Raw Impact” in 2018.  If you haven’t purchased your copy yet you can do so by searching “Love’s Raw Impact” on Amazon.   It is about the impact of heartbreak and how it led me to be open to love again.  It also displays that how we love our partners begins by how we were loved at home from those who raised us.


Exercising has been a great way for me not only to look better but to feel better internally.  It’s never been about being skinny but more about feeling my overall best.  It is so important to take control of our health before it takes control of us.  The power of the body and its functions are endless.  Also, keep in mind that a healthy body leads to healthy hair.  What we feed the body and how we choose to fuel it determines our future.


Socially my gatherings revolve more around family.  We always have something going on.  My friends are my family so this includes them as well.  If they have an event going on and I am able to make it, I am there. Family support is so important. It makes it a lot easier for strangers to believe in you once your family does but it’s not always easy.  However, I’m speaking for myself.  I am not seeking services outside when someone in my circle provides the same service.  As long as they are professional, reliable, and can execute we are all SET.  It is pretty simple, but most will make it complicated.  So yeah this a small dose of MISA a complex kind of woman.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you all more physically and virtually addressing Beauty, Health, and Wellness. I’ll be connecting with you all on a weekly basis in regards to various topics. So please stay in touch, and let me know if there’s anything you would like to discuss.  I promise I don’t bite.