This week I was able to visit Mamatoto (a birthing center) Located in Belmont, Trinidad, which means Mother baby in Swahili.  Besides the pleasantness’ of the people seeking information, I couldn’t help to notice the trees and the leaves with the names of the beautiful babies birthed in their center.  Some leaves specified water births or births that were conceived during the ride to the center.  It was welcoming and refreshing to see the operation of the facility and to learn more about possibilities for Mothers.  I love being in touch with the community and this is definitely a great start as I’ve been coming to the island pretty frequently.

Doulas are professionals who coach and provide emotional support to women during the prenatal birth and postpartum periods.  They do not provide medical care but do have an extraordinary knowledge of childbirth.  The major role is providing the support necessary for a mother leading up to and during childbirth.   Now what made me interested in becoming a Doula? I realized that there are women who need emotional support outside of their homes.  I’ll use myself as an example.   When I first heard of my fibroids and the impact it could have I shared it with my mom and before I had spoken with her I had already cried my eyes out.  Now her response was “it will be fine Misa” pretty much no big deal, but it was a big deal for me.  I am fully aware of my 3 major purposes in life with one of them being a Mother.  One who invests the necessary tools, values, and love to get through this thing we call life and provide for theirs to come.

Most people truly underestimate the power of parenting and the effect it has on our world.  Then there are most who are conceiving from their cravings of temporary satisfaction.  We all have moments of truly living, but we are engaging in sexual intercourse unprotected not fully thinking things through.  Have you stopped to ask “if this is a person I would be willing to birth a child with? because guess what folks it can happen.  That one-night stand can lead to something you never wanted to be causing a domino effect of those feelings being placed upon a child. Then now a woman is carrying those emotional burdens passing those stressful factors onto her child.    Now I don’t fault my mother for having these sentiments.  She’s a strong Jamaican woman who definitely has a different outlook on many things, which is fine.  She eventually realized how serious this was as the primary doctor shared the possible outcomes with us in his office.  I’m extremely thankful for my family but emotionally I am not easy to understand and for this reason, I want to be there for other women like myself.  As your future Doula, I want to be there for the woman that is, unfortunately, experiencing domestic violence, who lives in an unstable environment or one who just need advice outside of her circle.  A woman who is need of healing through verbal and physical exchanges of care.

You can check more about my Fibroid Story here on Youtube (click the link below):