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Fun fact my daughter has been to the chiropractor more than I have in my life. When doing some research during a very flustered time I came across tree of life. Now some of you may be rolling your eyes or are fascinated by why a newborn may need to see a chiropractor.  Tree of life actually specializes in newborns and I honestly had no clue this was a thing.  Now if you would like to know what made me seek this kind of service you can private message me or we can even have a lunch date ?(it was one heck of a time).  Here are some words from Dr. Chelsea from Tree of life ??

“We specialize in kids from birth to big kids. The reason we are so passionate about seeing newborns is that the birth process is so stressful on them, in a vaginal delivery there is about 90 lbs of pressure put on their brain stem area up at the base of their skull, which is like their Houston control for their body. We check to make sure that pressure from the birth didn’t put any unwanted stress or disconnect in the nervous system up there, which can cause things like colic, latch challenges, tongue-tie, preference looking one way, constipation, reflux and so much more.



By checking them young we can prevent the symptom from getting worse and developing into something more as they get older.

An adjustment on an infant feels like the amount of pressure you would check fruit for ripeness. Super light and gentle, not at all like an adult adjustment.”

– Dr. Chelsea


I actually wish I did some adjustments for prenatal care but I’ll definitely do it the next time around. Here are some of the benefits for both Mommy and baby:

1. Better functioning immune system

2. Deeper more restful sleep

3. Better mood regulation

For More information please call or stop by for a visit.

Tree Of Life

640 Winton Rd Rochester, NY 14609