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Happy Breastfeeding Month to all those who are doing it, trying, or just looking to obtain some information.




I share this powerful image with you via HairByMisa (ig) because amongst beauty and health being our main priority is wellness too. Wellness is whatever allows you to be the best VERSION of you even if that’s being a supermom. When I first saw this image I was blown away by the determination of this mommy to have a good time while feeding her little one. We often forget the power within children, the innocence, and the ability to teach us new ways of learning despite us thinking we have it all figured out. We have more years on them, but every day they show and teach us through their lens of purity something that seems to be stripped from us as we age,

It is shown that even those that serve larger black populations are less likely to help black women begin breastfeeding after giving birth or even offer lactation support after delivery according to the CDC.

Some Benefits Include??
-helping baby fight off viruses and bacteria
-lowers baby’s risk of asthma and allergies
-provides nutrients to help strengthen their immature immune system.
-lower risk of obesity and type 1 and 2 diabetes.
-promotes bonding between baby and mother.
-easier digestion and a great form of proper nutrition.

“There’s A 16 percentage-point gap in the prevalence of continued breastfeeding for 6 months has been consistent since 1990 between African American and white women. African American women (32%) are also more likely than most minority groups to provide formula supplementation by 2 days of life.”
-Breastfeeding Medicine (Mary Ann Libiert)

Happy Month of August especially to my favorite sign of all time LEOS!. May your month be filled with strength, love, a healthier life, and a way of providing for your family during this unusual time.