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Kinesha Charleau/Hair By Misa Haircut/Quarantine Rodset 


  1. Cleansing & hydrating go hand in hand. Depending on what your hair needs whether moisturizing or hydrating make sure you are using a purifying shampoo in-between to lift any debris off the scalp.  This helps to cleanse the hair on a deeper level.
  2. When the hair lacks moisture, it begins to lose its elasticity, so moisture helps with hydration, and protein helps with strengthening your strands preventing further breakage.
  3. Use your discretion when it comes to determining when to shampoo. Some people shampoo every few days due to a heavy oil secretion while others who lack moisture may go 2 weeks maybe 3 but that’s pushing it.  I honestly don’t think it is necessary for anyone to shampoo their hair every day.
  4. Your hair is an extension of your body. What you put in eventually is shown externally.  Drink and eat more nourishing fruits and veggies. DRINK PLENTY of WATER.
  5. Refrain from using too many products. For example, my curly girls choose one or two products and see which one you like best.  No need to buy the whole shelf because then you won’t know what is working from what isn’t.  It’s a process finding what works for your texture, but it’s worth it.
  6. Refrain from leaving protective styles in for too long. I like to say depending on the style and condition of your scalp 4-8 weeks is good enough.  Your scalp needs to breathe, and it needs to grow from a clean environment.
  7. Keep it simple shampoo, condition, and leave in/light serum or oil. Depending on the style of choice you may use other products but those are the necessities.
  8. Let’s give up hot oil treatments! You are just frying your scalp with oil. If you would like to do a pre-treatment with a heavier oil with let’s say olive oil mixed with lavender oil and you are going to do a silk press let it sit prior to shampooing. (Remember a little goes a long way start from the end and work your way up and massage in).  If you are wearing your hair curly with a curling definer that may have a harder hold and you want to add some more moisture, then you can mix it or add it after fully saturating your hair prior to adding your curl defining crème.  You can wrap your treatments with saran wrap/plastic cap and use a warm towel and or steamer. 

If you need help with finding products that work for you.  You can reach out with your concerns, so we can help make the process easier for you. Remember during the quarantine and beyond we are always here to help.