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Midwife Saint: Mary Francis Hill Coley | Georgia Public Broadcasting                                                                    Mary Coley Born August 15, 1900

“Mary married carpenter Ashley Coley and the family moved to Albany in 1930. It was after this move that she became interested in midwifery and was trained by Alabama midwife Onnie Lee Logan in the apprentice tradition. For over 30 years Mary delivered more than 3,000 babies in Dougherty, Lee, Mitchell and Worth counties. She was known for her tireless work ethic and her willingness to serve both black and white mothers in the segregated south.

Her care of new families extended beyond the delivery of the baby. She would visit for days after the birth to help in cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes, and she organized the registration of forms and certificates to be filed with the county health office. She believed her work was a spiritual calling, and she let nothing keep her from mothers who needed her, seeing no racial barriers.”

                                                              -Georgia Women of Achievement


Happy International Midwives Day. 
We have come a long way where these women were frowned upon due to the idea of their healing abilities being perceived as witchcraft and unfortunately killed for it. 
It is an honor & privilege to be able to begin to accompany a midwife in 2020 @birthfromtheearth to help women specifically who’s concerns aren’t valued and lack emotional support. 
I look forward to tapping back into the golden days not where healers are forced to abide by such a “systematic approach”, but by intuition and the voices of the body and through mother nature.