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Let’s end the month with Vaggy Talk aka the Vagina!


Are you someone that experiences infection after infection? Does this happen after sexual intercourse or randomly appears on and off? Then this reading is for you.  I’ll share some info with you followed by some of my suggestions to help you pull through.


Vaginal infections transpire when bacteria along with other organisms grow uncontrollable.  Some of the organisms already live in the vagina kept at healthy levels by coexisting with other organisms.  This may appear with improper hygiene or unsafe sex.  It is important to keep the area dry and free from irritants.


Some tips include:

-Washing the vagina with warm water (mild soap) drying thoroughly with a clean towel.

-Keep in mind the vagina cleanses itself naturally in the form of natural vaginal discharge.

-Avoid wearing thongs (let me act like I didn’t just write that) It is 85% off my baggy wear lol

-Avoid wearing nylon pantyhose or girdles due to heat and moisture leading to a breeding environment for organisms.

– Avoid feminine hygiene products that cause vulva irritation such as sanitary pads, feminine sprays, and deodorants

-check out a feminine care system powered by herbs chemical-free.

-refrain from having more than one sexual partner (& yes this was necessary input)


Keep in Mind:

-Yeast feeds off of sugar causing an overproduction of yeast in the vaginal area.  Maintaining your blood sugar can help reduce infection.


Take probiotics to prevent and treat vaginal imbalance such as bacterial vaginosis and help with your digestive system.


Look into Boric Acid a homeopathic prescription used to treat yeast infections and relieve symptoms such as burning and itching.


Let’s dig a little deeper into this because as most of you may know I like to go deep.  Most underestimate the power of sex and how sacred it is.  Personally, it is an exchange of energy released into another upon entry.  It is an expression of love and letting your guards down while trusting another.  Now if you are a person who has multiple partners you are carrying the highs and lows of each partner you allow entry.  When you are truly connected to a person you feel things most times you can barely explain.


Now let’s go deeper…. say physically you are a pretty healthy person with a highly alkalized diet, but a few of your partners aren’t. Their diets are 80% acidic and you allow them to ejaculate inside of you.  Now I’m not here to judge just to expand your mind. This form of entry causes ph. imbalance, because you are connecting a negative (a toxic environment) with a positive (a healthy environment).  Remember my beautiful people just like I mentioned in Love’s Raw Impact (available on Amazon) mental stimulation before vaginal penetration is a must.